Vendee™ Loan Program

What is a VA Vendee™ Loan?

The VA Vendee™ Loan Program offers qualified borrowers the option of purchasing eligible VA Real Estate Owned (REO) properties with little to no money down. The program is available to Veterans, non-Veterans, owner-occupants, and investors.

The VA Vendee™ Loan Program offers qualified buyers of eligible VA REO properties a unique seller financing loan product that is competitive and affordable. Vendee™ is a viable alternative to traditional financing.

Vendee™ Loan Possible Advantages

  • For Veterans, non-Veterans, owner-occupants, and investors
  • Financing with little to no money down
  • Origination and funding fees may be rolled into the loan for qualified borrowers
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Seller may contribute toward closing costs
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • No mortgage insurance requirements

Loan Type Comparison

Vendee™ Loan Conventional Loan
Little to no money Down Typically 20% Down
No PMI Required PMI Typical

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